The Belle of Louisville embraces social media

April 26, 2013

You CAN teach an old boat new tricks!

The nearly century old Steamboat Belle of Louisville is taking on a task she never imagined – that of conquering the world of social media! As a venerable lady launched in October of 1914, the Belle was never built for high speed and definitely not high-speed internet. But the Belle has always tried to stay current with the times, and she is ready to take that much-needed step into social media to bring the National Historic Landmark into the 21st century.

The Belle has stepped up her social media efforts over the past year. You will find her on Facebook (nearly 10,000 fans!), Twitter, Pinterest, and most recently, Instagram. The Belle is allowing her sassy personality to show itself through witty Facebook posts and tweets, and she is reaching new audiences that she has never been able to reach before.

As the 51st annual Great Steamboat Race approaches this Wednesday, the Belle of Louisville wants your involvement.  “As people watch the race from the shoreline, we want them to share what they are seeing to all of their friends and family who aren’t there,” said Belle of Louisville CEO Linda Harris. “We want them to post their pictures to Facebook and Twitter and other social media.”

The Belle of Louisville herself will be tweeting from on board the boat, sharing photos of rumored celebrities in attendance, as well as updates about the race. This will add another dimension to the this treasured tradition by giving Steamboat Race aficionados an inside peek never before available.

You can find the Belle of Louisville on Facebook at or on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest at @BelleLouisville. Use the hashtag #SteamboatRace2013 to post your pictures and updates and be a part of the 2013 Great Steamboat Race.

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