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Sunset Cruise

Come aboard for a guest favorite – a sunset cruise on the historic Belle of Louisville! Enjoy live music and beautiful river views.


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Belle of Louisville Riverboats has a rich history with many stories to tell. We are the proud home of two National Historic Landmarks, the famous Belle and Life Saving Station #10. Just like historical homes or museum artifacts, these historic vessels require year-round care and maintenance. The Belle is a testament to 19th century technology– still operating with her original engines, which date back to the 1880s. At 107 years old, she’s a singular, lasting piece of history from a bygone era– a time machine here from the past to help us share the river’s stories in a way that no one else can. It takes specialized training and years of experience to adequately operate and preserve this living, floating museum.

Our mission expands further than just maintaining three boats, including the Mary M. Miller. We are committed to providing programming that encourages passengers to explore history and Louisville’s arts and cultural heritage in a way that represents diverse stories and honest experiences. For many Louisville locals, the Belle is their first and, perhaps, only experience on the water. We aim to make those experiences even more accessible for Louisville residents by offering low-cost excursions, accessible school programming and by participating in community programs like the ACA’s Cultural Pass.

To help us continue this amazing work, we need YOUR help. Please consider making a donation to Friends of the Belle, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and support of our two historic landmarks and the development of programs and events that connect YOU to the river, while celebrating our shared history. Please give now with the link below or by mailing a check payable to Friends of The Belle, Inc.