KET Electronic Belle Field Trip

November 3, 2009

Exciting news! The website for the new “KET Electronic Field Trip to the Belle of Louisville” is online! In addition to watching and recording/downloading the video portion of the trip from KET KY or from KET EncycloMedia, you can now experience many other fun and educational features of the Belle of Louisville at this rich website. The URL is: Within the website, you and your students have options to:

Watch the complete field trip video.
Take a virtual tour of the boat via galleries of high quality photos that teachers and students have full rights to download for educational, not-for-profit use.
Play the fun and interactive “How Well Do You Know the Belle?” challenge.
Explore an extensive dictionary of steamboat vocabulary.
Learn about steamboat-related career options.
Find events in the history of steam river travel and of the Belle in the Steamboat Timeline.
Utilize Teacher Resources including lesson plans and a variety of Related Instructional Resources.
Use the Links page to find related websites.

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