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Louisville’s newest addition to the waterfront, the Mary M. Miller is named for America’s first female licensed steamboat captain. With as much spirit as her namesake, the Mary M. Miller is a propeller-driven riverboat with old fashioned charm and modern amenities.

7 Facts About Mary M. Miller


Able to cruise year-round, pending navigation conditions


The Mary M. Miller is named for Mary Millicent Miller, born in Louisville, Ky. in 1846. She married George Miller, a steamboat captain and builder, in 1865 and began a life of steamboat operation


Mary Miller made history in 1884 when, thanks to a controversial federal government decision, she became the first licensed female steamboat captain in America!


Mary M. Miller (the boat) was built in 1985, just upriver from Louisville in Utica, Indiana


The Mary has one and a half fully enclosed, climate-controlled decks and one and a half open air decks


She’s powered by a diesel engine


US Coast Guard Approved Capacity: 450 People

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