Weather in 2015 off to a rocky start

March 26, 2015

If you live in Louisville then you’re accustomed to crazy weather. Freezing rain one day and hot and sunny the next is completely normal here in the Ohio Valley. This year has been no exception to the rule. We’ve seen feet of snow, record highs and lows, occasional sunshine and the second worst flood since 1997.

Fortunately we aren’t in peak cruising season yet, but it has been no easy task for our crew to get maintenance done or maintain the wharf. Our team has spent days upon days shoveling, salting, scraping and hosing the wharf down to make the boats accessible for our staff. The recent flood brought the river 18 feet above its normal level and displaced our staff for almost a week. The only way to go aboard the Belle office was by rowboat. This weather has also been less than ideal for the Spirit of Jefferson who has been in the shipyard for the passed few weeks. Freezing temperatures, snow and high water have made it impossible for crew to get mandatory work done.

Below are some pictures of what we have experienced over the last few weeks. Thankfully we can say everything is back to normal for the most part, but who knows what obstacles we may face as we cruise through Spring.

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